Create eMercadoNM Profile

There are two steps in creating your eMercadoNM profile.

  1. Step One: Find Your Business Profile
    First you need to check to see if your company listing is already in the database. Currently, there are near 80 thousand entries in the eMercadoNM database so there is a high probablity your company is in the database. Do this by searching for your business name below.

  2. Step Two: Complete eMercadoNM Profile
    If you cannot find your business or if you are a creating a completely new eMercado profile proceed to Step 2.

    Note: Upon completion of the eMercadoNM profile form, your request will be sent to eMercadoNM staff for review. You will be notified of your acceptance within 2 business days.

    There is no charge at this time to have an eMercadoNM profile.

Step One: Search for Business Profile

Business Profile Search:

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